Sunday, March 11, 2012

Roots Bloody Roots: ICNZ’s Grassroots 2

The fight game is a brutal mistress and, if you don’t respect her, she will spit you out and move on with the guy at her work who laughs at her jokes.  In fact, her history is riddled with those spurned and her wrath extends further than the fact that you’ve been hanging out with your “loser mates again.”
Thus, I’ve always had a great respect of those who lace up the gloves and risk it all.  To be a champion.  To scratch that combative itch.  To entertain the fans.  And first fights can often seem like first trysts, over way too fast and not at all what you were expecting.
As a prelude to ICNZ16, Grassroots 2 featured 9 B-Class bouts, with many of the combatants being sent on their maiden voyages.  All the hours of technique, conditioning and pain would now be put on display and a lot of the icebergs and rogue waves in front of them were also finding their way through uncharted waters.
Early crowd favorite Kevin “KevDav” Davis offset a size differential with good all-round skills in gaining a decision win over Jordan Porter.   Porter, despite taking the fight on a couple of days notice, strikes well from the outside early before Davis catches him coming in with a standing guillotine.  “KevDav” begins wrenching on his opponents neck like he is trying to tear it off for what seems like an age until Porter is able to free himself before the round ends.  Davis takes his opponent to the ground in the second as he lands shots to the body.  A stray limb is all the opportunity Davis needs as he attempts an ankle lock before Porter sweeps into the mount, then side control, and punishes Davis’ body.  With the cards seemingly locked up, Porter comes out swinging in the third.  He takes down Davis, and mounts him, however Davis is defending well and taking minimum punishment.  This classic ‘striker versus grappler’ battle is close with Davis winning on two of the three judges cards.
Mike Williams scored a dramatic third round knockout over Eruera Piwari.  Williams’ advantage on the feet was apparent early and Piwari keeps him honest with a huge slam.  Piwari works for a triangle attempt and Williams is able to hold on until the end of the round.  Both are more cautious in the second round, throwing single strikes and attempting to set up opportunities.  The final round sees Williams assert himself on his feet, outgunning Piwari as they both start to fatigue.  As the clock ticks down, Williams’ shots are starting to find a home.  With only 4 seconds left on the clock, a Williams punch knocks Piwari clear into next week in a knockout of the night worthy performance.
In women’s action, Krissy Pettman used her better grappling to defeat Tairi Ford.  Ford has some success with the right hand early but Pettman is able to push her up against the cage, take her down and work the body.  This pattern repeats in the second, and it is unfortunate that we don’t get to see Ford use her hands more, as it is punctuated with Pettman attempting a guillotine.  Once again, Ford is unable to keep her distance in round three as Pettman clinches and muscles her against the cage wall.  Pettman’s jiu-jitsu comes into play as she transitions seamlessly from guard, to side-control to full mount, always maintaining the dominant position and earning a clear unanimous decision.
B Class 113kgs:
Ali Hau (Oliver MMA) B class beat Maifea Maifea (Brasa Jiu Jitsu) via split decision
B Class 80kgs:
Julius Poananga (Core MMA) beat Patrick Childs (KRMA Auckland) via submission (armbar) in the first round
B Class 78kgs:
Kevin Davis (Intergrated Fighting) beat Jordan Porter (Strikeforce) via split decision
B Class 83kgs:
Vahid Unesi (Oliver MMA) beat RJ Peke-Raa (Wanganui MMA) via submission (Americana) in the first round
B Class 77kgs:
Mike Williams (Shuriken NZ) beat Eruera Piwari (Hybrid MMA) via knockout in round three
B Class 77kgs:
LJ Stephenson (Oliver MMA) beat Garth Ludic (Midas Fight Academy) via unanimous decision
B Class 69kgs:
Matthew Yeoman (Ground Control MMA) beat Jordan Dennis (Kapiti Boxing) via technical knockout (injury) in round one
B Class 73kgs:
Ray Daniels (Oliver MMA) beat Dave Stephenson (Independent) via submission in round two
B Class 59kgs:
Krissy Pettman (Oliver MMA) beat Tairi Ford (Lakeside BJJ) via unanimous decisionNZFighters article found here

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