Sunday, March 25, 2012

Inside the Fire: Fire Power 2 Boxing Explosion

Lee Oti laid claim to the WBF International crown and the top spot in the New Zealand division with his tough but unanimous decision win over game Lee Milner.  The bout headlined the Glozier Promotions “Fire Power 2 Boxing Explosion,” which also featured top cruiserweights Vaitele Soi and Junior Iakopo.
Oti spent the early rounds attacking the body of Milner, who pressed the action throwing right hands upstairs.  By the third round the nose of Milner had been bloodied by a left hook.  Oti began to box from a distance and land well timed overhand rights where his opponent had staked a claim to the center of the ring.  Milner had success keeping the fight in close, where his strength and mauling style began to wear down Oti.  This is where the fight would stay, with Oti boxing and using his length and Milner having moderate success inside.  Milner threw the kitchen sink at Oti in the final round but was unable to pin down his elusive foe.
Now on a six fight burn, Oti looks set for a showdown with fellow top local Steve Heremaia who he has split a pair of bouts with previously. 
Vaitele Soi and Junior Iakopo thrilled the crowd with one of the finest bouts this country has ever seen.  Both showed tremendous poise in the early goings, picking their shots.  Soi was dominant in the early goings, exploiting openings and unloading heavy when he was able to pin Iakopo to the ropes.  Iakopo showed good movement but had his head snapped back with 1-2 in the third and ate a three-punch combo in the following round.  In forcing Iakopo to fight off the ropes, Soi was able to catch his opponent until Iakopo connected with some counter left hooks of his own that seemingly changed the momentum of the fight.  Both were happy to begin trading in close however it is Iakopo that is getting the better of the exchanges, with the fifth stanza being his best of the fight and Soi seeming to tire.  The sixth and final round saw some vicious exchanges before Soi managed to establish some distance and stick and move until the final bell.  Soi continued his unbeaten run with a majority decision win that everyone in attendance would call for a rematch for.
In undercard action Rohit Singh scored a vicious 14 second (including count) stoppage over Ali Maruf.  Singh flattened Maruf with the first punch of the fight and Maruf lay unconscious for a couple of minutes until he could be revived.
Isaac Peach controlled the action with a longer reach and tighter punches in his unanimous decision win over Peter Tovio.  Peached boxed a good fundamental fight, utilizing his reach and using his jab to set up right hands while Tovio lept in and generally tried to take Peach’s head off with every punch.
Ratuere was able to wear down Junior Toelefoa for a third round knockout.  Toelefoa’s speed and movement are blurring early as they offset his disadvantages in size and power however Ratuere’s strength started to show in the second and he began to hurt Toelefoa with every punch that eventually forced the referee to stop the action.


WBF Light-Middleweight International Title Bout

Lee Oti beat Brad Milner via unanimous decision

Vaitele Soi beat Junior Iakopo via majority decision
Taito Ratuere beat Junior Toelefoa via knockout in the third round
Elisara Sii Uta beat Bob Gasio  via majority decision
Roger Adlam beat Jake Paul via unanimous decision
Isaac Peach beat Peter Tovio via unanimous decision
Rohit Singh beat Ali Maruf via knockout in the first round


Solomon Kiri beat Jordan Tolovaa via majority decision
Tai Tupou beat Christ Awheto via knockout in the third round
John Falevaai beat Peter Mauga via unanimous decision
Jerry McFarland beat Samuel Kay via majority decision
Sione Siale beat Norman Iopu via knockout in the first round
Ken Stowers beat Jonny Van Altvorst via unanimous decision
Stallone Munn beat Troy Penio via majority decision
Mafi Lutu beat Sealu Setu via knockout in the third roundNZFighters article found here

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