Sunday, February 13, 2011

Come Helensville or High Water

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The first thing I notice as I set foot in the Helensville Thai Boxing Club is that it exudes grit. This is clearly a place where bones are broken, senses scrambled and all bills are paid in blood. Security is tight as I assure them of my press cred

"I'm totally legit, look at my laminated necklace!"

Quite paradoxically, the atmosphere at the ‘Rumble in the Ville' is one of community and family as children spar in the aisles and waiata are sung freely. The MC for the night seems similarly relaxed in both demeanour and detail. By the time the card starts, the building is packed and people are spilling out through the roller door - which is providing patrons with respite from the muggy Helensville summer's afternoon.

The early portion of the card provides a couple of exhibition bouts before the amateur action begins. Midway through the card, Steve Robertson is able to wear down King Lang with whipping kicks to the thigh and body before the referee steps in to stop the contest in the third and final round.

In a serious throwdown, Helensville Thai Boxing's own Angus Povey weathers some serious leather in his win over Nala Luau. As the fight settles down, Povey is able to control the distance and keep away from the dynamite in Luau's fists, taking a unanimous decision win.

Later in the card, Mikaera Povey (also of Helensville Thai Boxing) displays great movement of head, hands and feet in being able to win the decision over tough Darcy Bowden. Povey's considerable advantage in reach is evident from the outset, as he is able to take potshots from a distance and generally do a great job of boxing off the back foot. The decision is unanimous, to the delight of his brethren.

The showcase bout pits Israel Mobolaji Adesanya against Eds Eramiha for the vacant WKBF Cruiserweight title. Adesanya puts on an entertaining and athletic show from the get go as he opens up with his legs early on. No matter how hard Eramiha comes, Adesanya seems to simply have another weapon or trick in his arsenal. Midway through the fourth round, it seems like Adesanya is intent on trying to stop the durable Eramiha, who has resorted to trying to rough Adesanya up in the clinches. Eramiha has some success with his right hand in the fifth, but Adesanya is both winning the exchanges and putting on a show for the audience with his rare athleticism. The fight ends with Adesanya capturing the WKBF Cruiserweight title with a unanimous decision win.

Full credit is due to the Helensville Thai Boxing crew, whose efforts both showcased and entertained a community. As the night came to a close though, one had to wonder where to next for these people? For the reverberation of this good time would clearly ring well into the evening.

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Josh Heta (Sa Ming Jai Gym) WON by split decision vs Djreminise Jacob Blade (City Kickboxing)

Cameron Stewart (Samson Gym) WON by split decision vs Dan Russell (HLV Thai Boxing)

Noora Angana (Cambodian Kickboxing) WON by unanimous decision vs Alu Nathan (HLV Thai Boxing)

Steve Robertson (Sa Ming Jai Gym) WON by R3 - TKO vs King Lang (Pathai Gym)

Angus Povey (HLV Thai Boxing) WON by unanimous decision vs Nala Luau (Yohan Thai Boxing)

Tea Bareman (City Kickboxing) WON by unanimous decision vs Sarah Long (South Auckland Lee Gar)

Jake Crane (HLV Thai Boxing) WON by R1 TKO vs George (Pathai Gym)

Hori Harris WON vs Jordan Ming after the referee stopped the fight due to injury in Round 1

Ben Sisam (Strikeforce) WON by R3 - TKO vs Oscar Batucan (Balmoral Lee Gar)

Mikaera Povey (HLV Thai Boxing) WON by unanimous decision vs Darcy Bowden (Roundhouse Gym)


Israel Mobolaji Adesanya (City Kickboxing) WON by unanimous decision vs Eds Eramiha (Strikeforce)