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With a Revill yell: Lance Revill Boxing Promotion's 'Pro-Am Boxing'

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At the Howick Community Centre

The Howick Community Center has served me in a number of ways over the course of my youth. Gym. Basketball. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The “official” destination I used as an excuse to my parents whilst I partook in underage drinking. Tonight, it was to provide a showcase of professional and amateur boxing hosted by Lance Revill Boxing Promotions. The card was thick with local talent including Jake “The Snake” Revill and Rory O’Connell, two fighters I had seen in their amateurs days but had not been fortunate enough to experience as pros. The crowd built steadily and, by the time it began, they were thick with a mixture of anticipation and alcohol. Seven amateur bouts were to be headlined by four professional fight I, for one, couldn’t wait for the action to begin. Also of was that it was Kylie Bell’s (Lance Revill’s daughter) birthday and, with her brother in one of the headlining bouts, you would only hope that fortune smiled upon her.

Amateur Bout One
3*1.5 minute rounds

Blake Hodges v. Taine Clark

Hodges began the first round pressing Clark, who looked to use his movement. Hodges stuns him with a right hand and his punches seem to be more accurate. Hooks with both hands also land for Hodges while Clark appears a little overwhelmed by the pressure. Hodges asserts his superior hands further in the second round and they seem to be a puzzle that Clark can’t figure out. This has all done wonders for Hodges confidence and he comes out breathing fire in the third, attempting to close the show. Clark has some success countering this aggression and gets home with a couple of uppercuts and a right hand.

By pressing the action and having the better hands, Blake Hodges wins a unanimous decision.

Amateur Bout Two
3*2 minute rounds

Reece Birmingham v. Karewini Webster

Neither fighter wastes any time as they both welcome hard exchanges early on. Birmingham is firing off lightning fast combinations consisting of mostly straight punches while Webster’s shots are a little wider but cause much more damage. Birmingham’s nose is bloodied mid way through the round and Webster lands a couple of hard lefts. Birmingham is getting off more but just can’t deter Webster. The second round sees Birmingham attempt to box and use his movement more but his nose is a sanguine mess and Webster is stalking. Webster’s left hand is further on display in the third, where he lands often. Desperation is sinking in as Birmingham’s shots are becoming a little wilder and he can not dent Webster.

With a combination of heavy hands and a granite chin, Karewini Webster wins a unanimous decision.

Amateur Bout Three
3*2 minute rounds

Mike Pirini v. Ethan Kulatea

Southpaw Kulatea makes his presence felt early as hooks momentarily stumble Pirini, who begins to use his reach in attempts to keep Kulatea on the outside. He succeeds for most of the round and moves his head well to avoid any incoming fire but eats a big left hook at the bell. He attempts to continue this in the second round but Kulatea lands a couple of hard lefts and his mauling style sees Pirini begin to tire. Kulatea continues to press in the third and, although Pirini is landing, most of his punches have lost their sting. Kulatea recognizes this, pushes the pace further and is able to land another left hand late in the round.

By being the aggressor and with the success of his hard left, Ethan Kulatea wins a tight majority decision in a fight that could have gone either way.

Amateur Bout Four
3*1.5 minute rounds

Bobby Wetzel v. Bravely Matau

Matau is aggressive early and is trying to capitalize on Wetzel’s lack of experience. He lands a hard jab followed by a one-two that hurts Wetzel. Smelling blood, Matau pours it onto a covering Wetzel and the referee steps in to issue a standing 8 count. Matau is throwing the kitchen sink and Wetzel simply can’t stand up to the pressure. He goes down hard and, although he rises, is in no shape to continue.

Bravely Matau showed a killer instinct far beyond his years and overwhelms Bobby Wetzel for a first round knockout.

Amateur Bout Five
3*2 minute rounds

Brad Day v. Brad Robinson

Day begins the fight fast, landing straight shots with both hands. Robinson has superb reflexes and is able to dodge most of the incoming fire and counter effectively with his right hand. During the second, Day continues to press the action and Robinson remains composed and uses great head movement. Robinson lands a 1-2 and Day responds with a right hand near the end of the round. Day is still wearing his right hand out in the third whilst Robinson implores his foe to exchange with him and is able to negate his size disadvantage with movement of both head and feet coupled with his well schooled hands.

In a tough fight to score, Brad Day wins a unanimous decision.

Amateur Bout Six
3*2 minute rounds

Callum Armstrong v. Caleb Lloyd

Lloyd’s schooled right jab dictates the early action and he is catching Armstrong moving in. He appears to be a skillset above early. Armstrong is certainly trying but his attempts are sloppy and need refinement. By the second round Lloyd is in complete control and a total buzzsaw. His cute skills carry him most of the round but Armstrong is able to land a right hand during an exchange. By the third round, Armstrong has become wild compared to the sharp skills of Lloyd. An Armstrong right is followed by a Lloyd left and, late in the round, a big overhand land wobbles Armstrong.

By completely dominating the bout and winning every exchange, Caleb Lloyd cruises to a unanimous decision win.

Amateur Bout Seven
3*2 minute rounds

James Thompson v. Andrew Schuler

Both fighters spend much of the first round feeling each other out and finding their range. Schuler bloodies his opponents nose in the second and utilizes his right jab. He backs Thompson in the corner and unloads but most of his attempts are blocked. They exchange crosses later in the round. Both come out hard in the third round and Thompson is throwing everything he can at Schuler. Schuler lands a left and, although Thompson responds with a right, it is followed up by a cross-uppercut combination. Almost all of Schuler’s offense is held in his left hand and Thompson hasn’t been able to adjust to the southpaw style.

Andrew Schuler wins a unanimous decision.

Professional Bout One
4*3 minute rounds

Ryan Tauaki v. Rory O’Connell

The heavily muscled Tauaki throws wide hooks from the get go. He wears a couple of right hands and is attempting the bully O’Connell, who seems relaxed and composed. Tauaki connects with a right hand in the second but doesn’t have the power in his fists to do any serious damage. O’Connell’s timing has seemed off thus far, he is clearly the superior fighter but is making the night hard on himself. He lands often with the right hand, at one point stunning Tauaki however he can not capitalize. Tauaki is making a real fist of the third, bringing the fight to O’Connell and not allowing him to get his punches off. They are exchanging right hands but O’Connell just seems like he is being beaten to the punch. Tauaki continues to come forward in the fourth and lands a couple of right hands but his conditioning is beginning to fail him. O’Connell scores with his lead hook and then connects a pair of right hands late in the round.

Rory O’Connell wins a tougher-than-expected majority decision.

Professional Bout Two
Super Middleweight
4*3 minute rounds

Gunner Jackson v. Ryan O’Connell

O’Connell is fairly dominant in the opening stanza landing right hands, boxing well and catching most of Jackson’s shots. He continues to control the bout during the second however Jackson begins to connect with both hands, including a 1-2 that hurts O’Connell. Unfortunately, Jackson is also prepared to fight dirty and continues to punch after the bell. Jackson is shown a little bit more respect in the third as he is starting to dictate the pace of the fight and land all the meaningful punches. His confidence is growing and, by the end of the round, is loading up and connecting. The fourth round sees Jackson in total control and landing huge right hands. One of these has O’Connell in trouble and Jackson pours it on. Another right hand followed by a flurry forces the referee to step in.

Gunner Jackson wins by fourth round technical knockout.

Professional Bout Three
4*3 minute rounds

Jake Revill v. Monte Fauea

Revill comes out landing his heavy jab followed by a left to the body and a right hand upstairs. Fauea is visibly upset by his opponent trying to engage him in the sport of boxing and gestures to Revill, before wrestling him to the ground and putting him in a headlock. Fauea’s early antics are an embarrassment to himself, the gym he represents and the sport that pays him. After much confusion and deliberation, the bout continues and Fauea is able to land a right hand. Revill returns the favour and, after the bell, Fauea continues to punch. Disgusting. He comes out hard in the second and instantly eats a right hand. Another Revill right, has Fauea in trouble and he crumbles under the follow up pressure. Apparently not satisfied with being dominated and brutally stopped, Fauea continues to yell and rant after the bout has concluded.

Jake Revill wins by second round knockout.

Professional Bout Four
Heavyweight ‘swing’ bout
6*3 minute rounds

John Ellis Jr. v. Hassan Chitsaz

I had heard much about the 52 year old Chitsaz, surprisingly all of it good. Undefeated with all wins coming by the short route. World ranked by various organizations. Holder of multiple titles. And it was with a sense of anticipation that I viewed this bout. His opponent, with a ‘meager’ 2-0 record, seemed to be heavily overmatched. In fact, in the minds of many, we were about to witness a slaughter. The bout begins and Chitsaz goes to touch gloves. Ellis steps inside and delivers a cannonball right hand that drops Chitsaz on his face. He attempts to rise but face plants back onto the mat. The bout is over.

Say what you want about Ellis’ punch. They had touched gloves before the bout had begun and, once the bell rings, you must protect yourself at all times. Chitsaz didn’t and paid the price.

John Ellis Jr. wins by first round knockout.

Well. The evening put me through the full gamut of emotion. I laughed. I booed. I was dazzled and cheered. Which is really all you can ask from being a spectator. Albeit one with press privileges (does getting blood on you count as a privilege?). Although on the wrong end of a close decision, I was impressed by Brad Robinson. His head movement, reflexes and countering really highlighted the defensive side of boxing. Which is what it is – a system of self-defense. Caleb Lloyd had a great night, completely outclassing his opponent with his well-schooled hands that helped to offset the size differential. He must have won close to every exchange and, being roughly the same size, a match up with Robinson would have the stylistic makings of something fantastic.

Jake Revill also showed composure and maturity in being able to deal with a ‘difficult’ opponent. His heavy jab, dynamite right hand and ring savvy would make him a handful for any cruiserweight in the country.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heavyweight FiteFest

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Heavyweight FiteFest 'Results and play by play'

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Saturday 14 August 2010 - A.B.A Stadium

An intimate crowd took cover from the blustery Auckland weather to enjoy a night of professional and amateur boxing at the Auckland Boxing Association for the Shamrock Boxing promoted ‘Heavyweight Fitefest'. Turntablist extraordinaire DJ Will worked the wheels of steel in providing a mix of skanky reggae, pop and hip-hop as the crowd steadily built.

Despite some (ongoing) technical difficulties, ring announcer Manuera Riwai kicked off the event for the partisan crowd, which would include seven amateur bouts followed by three headlining professional fights. The Tohunga squared us away with the big man before the fistiana would begin.

3x2 minute rounds
Bout One
Hone Nathan VS James Walker

Both start the bout cautiously trying to find their distance. Nathan appears both stronger and hungrier early and generally looks to mix it up whilst Walker tries to establish his jab and not waste his punches. Nathan right hands make their mark early. Walkers reach advantage and economy start to show in the second and he keeps Nathan on the end of his jab. In the second round, Nathan manages to work his way inside where he lands a huge right hand that hurts Walker. Nathan follows up with pressure and the referee steps in to administer a standing eight count. The third round sees Walker revert back to controlling the distance with his pole-like jab. Nathan is loading up and coming forward but appears too gassed and Walker’s movement allows him to dance out of the way of any danger.

By moving smartly and utilizing his reach advantage, James Walker wins the decision.

3x2 minute rounds
Bout Two
Paddy Junior Lueii VS Patrick Mailata

Mailata is applying a lot of pressure early in the bout, landing with both hands. Lueii is trying to keep him off but can't either dent or deter Mailata with his mostly pawing shots. Mailata continues to bring the fight in the second round and showcases his left hand, including snapping Lueii's head back late in the round. Lueii attempts to be more proactive in the third but it is simply not enough as Mailata is landing right hands.

Patrick Mailata wins a decision by both bringing the fight to Lueii and connecting with the more meaningful punches.

3x2 minute rounds
Bout Three
Hirini Wikaira VS Andrew Lueii

Lueii puts on a speed display early in the first before the jarring arsenal of Wikaira takes over. Wikaira dishes out powerful uppercuts and long right hands which snap Lueii's head back often. A Wikaira right hand wobbles Lueii in the second before the follow up uppercuts and right hands prompts the referee to step in to deliver a standing 8 count. Wikaira seems to have all the skills to go far and, although Lueii is still firing in the third, he is clearly outgunned and is being clubbed by right hands.

In an eventful fight, Hirini Wikaira impresses enough to win a unanimous decision.

3x2 minute rounds
Bout Four
Jean Pierre Dupotail VS Vegus "The Black Panther" Winters

Winters sets out to control the distance and Dupotail looks wild in his attempts to get inside. He manages to do so in the second lands looping hooks, including a wild right hand that forces Winters back. Winters begins to cover more effectively in the third round but is stunned by a left hand. Smelling blood, Dupotail charges and is tagging Winters with right hands. Somehow he manages to survive but eats a looping hook before the bout ends.

By having the more effective aggression, Jean Pierre Dupotail wins a unanimous decision.

3x2 minute rounds
Bout Five
Rueben Webster VS Chad Milne

Southpaw Webster shows good foot movement early but Milne is hard-charging and hard-punching and lands hard shots with both hands. This pattern continues in the second with Milne's aggression more than making up for the size differential and he lands a massive right hook early. Webster just has no room to move or breathe for that matter. Milne is still loading up shots with everything he has in the final round and Webster has a sense of urgency with his straight punches.

By pressing the action the whole fight and landing the far hard punches Chad Milne wins a unanimous decision.

3x3 minute rounds
Bout Six
Nipha Jones VS Nick Charalampous

New Zealand Junior Champ Charalampous wastes no time in putting his well-schooled displays on show. He stalks Jones and lands right hands and uppercuts as well as moving his feet and head well. Even early, Jones seems a skillset below and Charalampous is showing great composure in winning every exchange. A right hand shakes Jones to his shoes which prompts the referee to deliver a standing 8 count in the second round. Even some third round aggression by Jones is eaten up by Charalampous who is overwhelming his foe and showing great timing. The referee again steps in after a clubbing overhand right from Charalampous and, by the end of the bout, Jones has been outclassed in every facet of the sport.

In showing great all round skills, Nick Charalampous wins a (seemingly) easy unanimous decision.

3x3 minute rounds
Bout Seven
Aung Sanda VS Angus Donaldson

Donaldson looks sharp, and his defense tight, early as Sanda attempts to attack his body and slow him down. Sanda comes on in the second round as he is the busier fighter and landing right hands. Donaldson boxes well in the third and is catching Sanda coming in. His class is really starting to show. When Sanda gets inside, he does well but Donaldson just seems so much sharper.

In a textbook boxing display, Angus Donaldson wins the decision.

4x3 minute rounds
Professional Heavyweight
Eric "No Fear" Fuimaono Hunt VS Ben Naqasima

An early right hand from Fuimaono Hunt shakes Naqasima however, he appears to hurt his shoulder badly during an exchange which virtually cripples his right hand. Naqasima lands but doesn't have enough power to make his opponent respect him. Early in the second, Fuimaono uncorks two massive hooks that wobble Naqasima. Another left hook drops him clean on the seat of his pants and there is no way he is getting up.

Showing great heart (in fighting through injury) and power, Eric Fuimaono Hunt earns a second round knockout victory.

4x3 minute rounds
Professional Heavyweight
"King" Afa Tatapu VS Junior Pati

Tatapu seems huge in comparison to Pati and lands an uppercut early. Pati comes back with a dynamite overhand right that sparks off wild exchanges. Tatapu unleashes a right hand that drops Pati however he makes it back to his feet and clinches. Pati is still letting his hands go and, although he is on the wrong end of a couple of lefts, drops Tatapu on his back with a massive right hand. Tatapu beats the count but can't clear the cobwebs and Pati lands another right hand and lead hook before the referee has seen enough.

In an exciting ‘fasi', Junior Pati wins by knockout in a massive upset.

6x3 minute rounds
Professional Heavyweight
Clarence Tillman VS Joey Wilson

Wilson comes out with the clear strategy of boxing Tillman. He is never going to stop the larger bodied Tillman and uses his movement and reach to win rounds. Tillman looks far sloppier than normal and almost seems unmotivated to engage other than winging overhand rights whilst Wilson is scoring nicely with straight shots. Tillman looks frustrated as he is unable to take advantage as Wilson tires in the 5th round but bloodies his nose. Wilson boxes and moves for the remaining rounds and survives a late Tillman onslaught.

In not deviating from a good strategy, Joey Wilson wins a split decision.

Sponsors Shamrock Boxing, Transport Diesel and Marine, Brett Sample from NZ Boxer and Peter Grant from Maori Television would be content with the card they put on tonight. It not only showcased great youth and amateur talent but also delivered exciting heavyweight action. Hirini Wikaira showed off his raw talent in delivering punishing crosses and uppercuts whilst Nick Charalampous displayed a well-rounded skill set far beyond his years and both will only have great success in the ring. Junior Pati by far gave the most exciting performance of the night in climbing his way back from the canvas to demolish "King" Afa Tatapu and having the crowd on their feet for the entirety of the bout.

Craig Bailey

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