Tuesday, November 16, 2010

King of the Door 2 Final

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Needing only technical analysis, I only wrote for the final......

he final is upon us. The gods seem to be momentarily appeased, with sacrifices complete and 12 bodies broken before them. Two warriors still stand to compete for the prize. This night has been absolutely grueling for the competitors as all gladiators prayed for that ‘thumbs down' gesture from the crowd. Although the action has been short lived, the intensity of each bout made it seem like an age. And now here we were, at the point when those that have that extra gear are crowned champions among (door)men. The crowd is at a fever pitch as these two titans stare the other down before their ultimate battle. Moments before the bell, the air is so thick with anticipation that the crowd can hardly breathe.

Each is seemingly programmed to bring the intensity early. Va'asa takes his opponent down; however, Lenui's grappling is strong and he ends up in side control, where he exerts his ground and pound. Lenui is able to keep the fight standing up during the second. Exchanges are hard and both modern day gladiators drive the other on, aiming to test their resolve, their mettle and their will. The power in Lenui's hands seems to be a factor, however, as he is getting the best of the exchanges and landing the harder single shots.

Once in the third round, his energy seems to surge out even further; he comes forward with every exchange, while Va'asa appears to be running low on gas. These positions momentarily reverse in the fourth, with Va'asa pushing the pace until Lenui starts to whip leg kicks that visibly hurt and buckle his opponent. Both are still hurling hand grenades each other.

The final round seems to bring out the champion in both as they exchange strikes with fury. Exerting relentless pressure on each other, the combatants seem caught between a rock and a hard place as neither wants to give any ground. However, it is Lenui who will not relent as he is mechanically and maniacally hunting for that big shot, right until end.

The competitors stand exhausted as the judges tally up the cards. Each has left their soul in the ring, a gift for the spectators to qualify with their applause. With the verdict in, it is Felise "Fobfather" Lenui that is crowned your winner by unanimous decision, and the newest King of the Door.

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