Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Judgement Day 2: This Time It’s Not Biblical

Having already survived the now-cancelled Judgement Day on  May 21st, it was only fitting that I viewed any kind of projected apocalypse with relative apathy. For I had sold all my earthly possessions and made peace with anyone I felt I had wronged.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the weird hermit down the street and the librarian who continually fines me Soulan Pownceby beat John Conwayappreciated it. However, as I am now forced to buy another car, find another job and cancel all the sponsorships of children from places I could never pronounce, the whole experience reeked of another “Wolf” call that I was more than willing to heed. 
The absolute storm that was heaved at Auckland on Friday night piqued my interest as an actual precursor to the action. As it turned out, the only judgement came in the ring as a large contingent of fight fans braved the elements to seek refuge from the torrential downpour inside the Auckland Boxing Association Stadium for the Bruce Glozier promoted Judgement Day 2 boxing show.
Headlined by the WBO Asia Pacific Light Heavyweight title bout contested by Soulan Pownceby and John Conway, the evening presented a mix of corporate and professional bouts showcasing the talents of such names as Afa Tatapu and Robert “The Butcher” Berridge. 
Afa Tatapu beat Lightning LupeIn early corporate boxing action, heavyweight Goliaths Becoy Paleaseina and Mike Tauliili thrilled the crowd in a bout that was filled with bombs powerful enough to level a small city. 
Paleaseina went after his opponent from the first bell, winging his dynamite lead hook and throwing everything with bad intentions. Tauliili began to return fire more during the second round, but Paleaseina used his head movement to create countering opportunities. At the end of the round Tauliili had had enough, giving Paleaseina the knockout win.
Top ten Kiwi Heavyweight Afa Tatupu made short work of Lightning Lupe by stopping him in the opening round. Lupe appeared outgunned right from the opening bell. Although game, it wasn’t long before Lupe was trapped against the ropes and under heavy fire that forced his corner to throw in the towel.
New Zealand Light-Heavyweight contender Taito Raturere continued his unbeaten run with a third round TKO win over Peter Tovio. Raturere utilized his advantages in height and reach over the course of the entire bout, becoming more precise as his opponent began to look more wild. Midway through the third round, with their fighter seemingly unable to find a solution, Tovio’s corner wisely halted the fight.
Taito Raturere beat Peter Tovio
Meanwhile in the main event, it was Soulan Pownceby that retained his WBO Asia Pacific Light Heavyweight title with an eleventh round knockout over seasoned veteran John “The Rebel” Conway. 
Pownceby controlled the action for much of the fight, landing sharp combinations and hard crosses. Conway had more success between round three and six, but Pownceby’s punches looked to be wearing him down. It only seemed like a matter of time over the second half of the fight as Conway continued to eat the punches Pownceby was serving up.
Pownceby lost a point in the eleventh round for leading with his elbow, but he immediately came back and landed a right hand which looked as though it rocked Conway. The ensuing pressure eventually put Conway on the deck. And although he was able to beat the count, the legendary fighter looked like he had run out of steam as the defending champion landed a slew of unanswered punches before the referee stopped the fight in his favour.
It was a superb performance by Pownceby, with bouts both dramatic and captivating; and then, with the rain promising to hang up its gloves and the next biblical rapture now scheduled for October, fight fans could return home knowing they had witnessed something significant. 


Coraline Wood beat Chardei Savage by unanimous decision
Andrew Taniwha beat Doug Simpson by knockout in round 2
Becoy Paleaseina beat Mike Tauliili by knockout in round 2
Sione Siale beat Prince Brown by unanimous decision
David Craig beat Steve Raffaelli by unanimous decision
Joe Bethan beat Kuiesa Etuale by unanimous decision
Lee Oti Tupai beat Filiata Mailata by knockout in round 3
Afa Tatapu beat Lightning Lupe by knockout in round 1
Robbie Berridge beat Mose Ioelu by disqualification in round 2
Taito Raturere beat Peter Tovio by technical knockout in round 3
Soulan Pownceby beat John Conway by knockout in round 11NZFighters article here

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