Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last Man Standing Post-Script

Firstly, Lurkers Entertainment and D.C. Entertainment need to be recognized for putting on such a quality event. The venue was well set out, packed, with great lighting and the card provided entertaining fights. To go from only 200 patrons at their first event only a year ago, the Last Man Standing tournament was a blistering success. All combatants conducted themselves admirably which only added to the slick air of professionalism that the event exuded.

Congratulations to the winner, Zane “The Civilized Animal” Coppins. Going three bouts in a night is fairly tough going and he never looked severely pressed. He brought great pressure to stop Troy Wright after a round, dominated Anton Balsom with overhand rights and counters, and was slick in controlling B.K. It seemed like each time Coppins was challenged, he had another gear and his defensive parrying all but stifled most of his opponent’s offense. Zane sure proved to be more civilized than animal.

Losing in the final did no disservice to B.K. Talk was that it was his first contest, and if that is true, then he performed outstandingly. Buoyed on by a large section of the audience, B.K. used a stiff jab to control Phil Donahue and showed that he was versatile in being able to bang with, and almost stop, Aaron Coville. Even when he was down in the fight against Coppins, B.K. proved himself a warrior eager to give all those who came to support him a good show.

Also of note was Anton Balsom. Anton threw some nice combinations, parried well and was unlucky to meet Coppins in the semis. Balsom against B.K surely would have been great.

Josh Edwards, New Zealand’s Got Talent finalist and the countries #1 beat boxer, provided patrons with the intermission’s entertainment. Edwards showed his serious talent in producing seamless versions of Drop It Like It’s Hot, Billy Jean and even Ginuwine’s Pony. I can never think of the Rocky theme the same after what Edwards did to it.

All in all, it was a slick event that will only be a catalyst for further patronage. Only six promotions in, Lurkers Entertainment is set to be a force to be reckoned with on the scene should it follow the same meteoric rise it has experienced in only it’s first year of operation.

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